Beautiful May morning in the park with dogs. I’m currently pondering what I get out of this activity. Walking the dogs and being in the park is my jam, my happy place. Without it I’d … well, I just haven’t thought about that.

Yet, in the park, I am not always present. In my walking mediation, my thoughts drift to ideas or feelings outside the park. With every step, I try to bring the forest back into focus. But it is SO hard!

Reading “Wealth Warrior” by Steve Chandler, I ponder the chapter on temptations. He reflects the actions of the the 80/20 rule: spend your time on the activities that reap you the most value, the 20%, and limit your activities that absorb your time away from such activities, such as social media. That is how to work smarter and not harder.

This rule applies to your Return on Investment (ROI) which applies to all things you want in your life: family, friends, career, money, business, health.

Chandler’s perspective is on how these distracting behaviours pull us away as temptations. The dissension in our mind says, “why should I lead a pleasure free life?” And the answer is in the 80/20 rule. Our ROI is based on the most valuable of pleasures.

For this, we have to practise.

Chandler metaphors the practice as donning a pair of wings and gently pulling away from the temptation. Some are stronger than others, and this is why it is a continuous practise.

Chandler says, “Some activities are Diamonds. Some are just not.”


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