To deny it, is to stoke its fire,

To let it out, is to bleed out and take those within arms reach with you,

Anger should work like an indicator to turn left or right.

It operates as a flag to grab your attention,

Therefore, YOU are never anger.


Insider Secret to go from Good to Exceptional!

Goal setting is a formula.

However, humans are not easily formatted.

Coaches hack the system.

“People are unique on the inside as they are on the outside.” – Dr Jade Teta.

Therefore, we take a measurable system, such as Desires vs. Obstacles, and weave in the unknown elements of a person’s life experiences, values and beliefs and create elite results. 

“I believe”*

There are two types of lives to be lived:

One that is authentic; and

One that is inauthentic.

An authentic life is guided by your values and morals that naturally creates your true purpose.

An inauthentic life is one that is built on reactions.

Living your true purpose is freedom.

Living a life of reaction breeds comparison, judgement and fear that prevents you from giving the world your gifts.

My mum always said to me, “you are already who you want to be. Go out there and practise until the world knows it too.”



*lovingly influenced by MLK’s “I believe” speech given in 1963

Slaughter House Rules

Describe the biggest obstacle in your life and then try to find a solution on your own;

Read books,

Talk to a buddy,

Think about what worked in the past?

All of these ideas are great but they didn’t move me past the thing I wanted to overcome the most.

I thought I was doing great self-development work, until I had my ass handed to me at a leadership retreat, metaphorically speaking. The smallest obstacle became my greatest challenge. I was working with the 90% of what I loved about my life and avoiding the 10% that was holding me back.

It was like I was a surgeon, carving up body parts to find the ailment instead of looking at the entirety of the whole; the mind and body together.

I, we, move obstacles when we drive our life with 100%.

I dedicate this article to anyone who has approached an obstacle with less than 100%. You are worthy. You are gifted. AND, You are strong.


Now What?

Myth: You need motivation to achieve a goal. 

Goals are scary, overwhelming, time sensitive, pressure, 

How do we get to “Just do it”? #nike

Steve Chandler, Wealth Warrior, says that it doesn’t have to exist before starting the action. 

We show up without the tools, knowledge or abilities, so why would be motivated? 

We start with an idea, or multiple ideas, and become overwhelmed with all these thoughts and goals. But what do we truly want?

There is a deeper meaning in all these thoughts you have. Some are good and some do not serve you. Yet, how do you weave through all the thoughts to find the truth?

Steve Chandler says that action and motivation are symbiotic. So, how do we make a decision?

Weeding (like my spring pun?) is required to find what you value. Placing these priorities in your sights gets the action and the motivation started. No one is saying, “leave other goals behind.” 

The purpose is to discover what is in alignment with you and action will be effortless.


Beautiful May morning in the park with dogs. I’m currently pondering what I get out of this activity. Walking the dogs and being in the park is my jam, my happy place. Without it I’d … well, I just haven’t thought about that.

Yet, in the park, I am not always present. In my walking mediation, my thoughts drift to ideas or feelings outside the park. With every step, I try to bring the forest back into focus. But it is SO hard!

Reading “Wealth Warrior” by Steve Chandler, I ponder the chapter on temptations. He reflects the actions of the the 80/20 rule: spend your time on the activities that reap you the most value, the 20%, and limit your activities that absorb your time away from such activities, such as social media. That is how to work smarter and not harder.

This rule applies to your Return on Investment (ROI) which applies to all things you want in your life: family, friends, career, money, business, health.

Chandler’s perspective is on how these distracting behaviours pull us away as temptations. The dissension in our mind says, “why should I lead a pleasure free life?” And the answer is in the 80/20 rule. Our ROI is based on the most valuable of pleasures.

For this, we have to practise.

Chandler metaphors the practice as donning a pair of wings and gently pulling away from the temptation. Some are stronger than others, and this is why it is a continuous practise.

Chandler says, “Some activities are Diamonds. Some are just not.”

The wise fool

February 25 2018

Topic Risk

Taking a risk means creating moments where you will look foolish, awkward and naive. The risk of being all this pushes us to seek comfort and avoid being foolish. Imagine a life without growth. Imagine a life ….without. Every time we step outside this comfort we create an opportunity to explore & expand our life experiences, with the result of increasing our adaptability and resilience. Making it easier to recover from taking risks. Like when people say, don’t take life so seriously or you have to know the dark before you see dawn. Risk is living consciously. With practice, risk brings forgiveness of others and ourselves. Why wouldn’t we risk?